Company Founder and Managing Director Achim and Oliver Kehl

Company Founders and Managing Directors Achim and Oliver Kehl

The Waco Group develops and produces translucent/light-permeable honeycomb and thermal insulation materials. It consists of two companies, Wacotech and Wacosystems, both of which are located at a site in the south of Herford. Founded in 1997 by twin brothers Achim and Oliver Kehl, the Waco Group has grown continuously and is now a leader in translucent insulation materials (TIM).

TIMax® GL in profiled glass, Wacotech

The translucent insulation product range is produced by Wacotech GmbH & Co. KG and sold under the TIMax® brand name. Transparent insulation materials are primarily used as a light diffusing insulating insert for profiled glass facades, but also in membrane roofs, skylights and solar panels. Many know the term translucent insulation materials (TIM) from solar wall heating or the Trombe wall system for passive solar energy use. This system, however, is rarely used. Daylighting applications predominate, and this is also the focus for Wacotech.

Wacosystems GmbH & Co. KG focuses on honeycomb technology. It produces and sells honeycomb core materials under the WaveCore® brand name, as well as products developed using these materials such as ViewPan® translucent design panels. For honeycomb core materials (WaveCore®) there are a variety of technical fields of application, ranging from flow rectifiers for ventilation ducts to lightweight/composite panels and cutting boards for laser or water jet technology.

ViewPan® PMMA, Wacosystems

Design-oriented applications for honeycomb and particularly for translucent honeycomb panels (ViewPan®) represent one focus. This innovative material can be backlit or illuminated, and its clarity means that it is partially see-through. ViewPan® is used as office partitions, illuminated ceilings, and acoustic elements, as well as for exhibition stands and theatrical luminaires. New applications are regularly added. We systematically develop our products further and develop system solutions, for example, for the open honeycomb edge or connection to fittings. The objective is to offer ready-made systems or system components. An excerpt from our product range can be found on this webpage. We are happy to answer all further questions.

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    Wacosystems GmbH & Co. KG

    Newly-founded Wacosystems takes over the distribution of the WaveCore® honeycomb products and the translucent ViewPan® honeycomb panels.

    iF design award

    Wacotech wins the iF material award 2010 for its ViewPan/Kandela translucent design panels [more]