In principle translucent insulation materials (TIM) are copied from nature. The white fur of a polar bear resembles TIM. It is translucent and provides very good thermal insulation since the individual hairs are transparent and hollow. By means of scattering and reflection sunlight reaches the black skin of the polar bear, where it is converted into heat.

TIMax GL spun glass, which visually resembles polar bear skin, has a light transmittance of 30 to 50% and achieves good thermal insulation through the enclosed, stationary air cushion. Moreover, TIMax GL absorbs a large part of the thermal radiation in the infrared. This is an important physical property for achieving good thermal insulation. TIMax stands for ”Transparent Insulation Material” and GL for “Glasgespinst” (German for “spun glass”). TIMax GL is used in double glass systems and fills the space between the panes completely. It is compressible and adapts to different glass element thicknesses.

Solar wall heating / Trombe wall

The plastic honeycomb TIMax CA has, depending on the incidence angle, a light transmittance factor of 80 to 99%. Light reflection occurs only at the thin webs of the honeycomb, so that almost all of the occurring solar radiation is directed inwards. If the open honeycomb is covered from at least one side, the enclosed air in the honeycomb chambers forms a stationary air cushion. This results in excellent thermal insulation. TIMax CA is made of a plastic that has high absorption in the infrared, which further improves thermal insulation.

Originally, translucent insulation materials were developed for solar wall heating and the Trombe wall. However, only a few projects of this type have been realized. Meanwhile, the focus of translucent insulation material systems is on the use of daylight. We highlight the various applications on this website.

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